Hole-by-Hole Course Description

Hole     Name                            Yardage    Par    Handicap        
1           Big Oak                          350           4         7                        

The green is deep, but narrow.  Better to be short than long.
2           Looks Easy                   146             3        17                     

The green runs to the right more than it looks from the tee. Under most conditions, the ball must land on the left side of the green or left fringe to hold.
3           Blind Alley                     342             4         9                        

Slight dogleg left. Out of bounds on the right. A long drive should be placed right so it is not blocked out from the green.  Fairway and green both slope right. An approach shot that is short can bounce on the green if it lands left.
4           Gambler’s Bend            305             4         11                     

Dogleg right. Drive should not be more than 210 yards to avoid running through the fairway and possibly being blocked out on the approach shot.
5           Road Hole                     460             5         1                        

Gradual dogleg left. Fairway slopes right. Approach shots from the left rough can be blocked out. Green is narrow and 2-tiered.  Out of bounds if you go long.
6           Trouble                          184             3         15                     

Out of bounds on the right.  Green runs left.
7           Big Trouble                   214             3         13                     

Better to miss the green right than left. Be careful of a sliced tee shot going toward players on the 8th tee.
8           Heartbreak Hill             446             5         3                        

Out of bounds on the right. The green is reachable in 2 from a long, straight drive, but is very small and well bunkered in the front.
9           Last Chance                 385             4         5                        

A tee shot in the right rough will be blocked out of an approach shot.